Meet the Sherpas

TheBrewSherpa blog is a collaborative effort by close friends living across the United States.  We are beer lovers and might be considered beer geeks who want to share our experiences with beer and related topics to strengthen our friendships and knowledge, and ultimately to share it with our readers.

Expect blogs from different perspectives, since this is not just a bicoastal effort, but spanning the northeast, south and western regions.

Sherpa: TheBrewSherpa
Twitter:  @TheBrewSherpa
Favorite Style:  Barrel-aged Stouts

A long time home-brewer and craft beer aficionado, TheBrewSherpa loves the experience of beer as much as the beer itself.  The sights, sounds, smells and social setting of a beer drinking experience are equally as important as the taste of the beer.  For that reason, TheBrewSherpa enjoys pairing beers with not only food, but music, movies, art and people as well.

Sherpa: TheBrewSherpette
Twitter: @brewsherpette
Favorite Style:  Pilsner

TheBrewSherpette loves to travel, listen to live music, read, learn and explore the world.  She has four beautiful children.  In spite of life’s challenges and opportunities, she focuses on the positive.  Hobbies include home brewing, cheese making and photography.

Sherpa: Brewticular
Twitter:  @Brewticular
Favorite Style: Scotch Ale

Sherpa Brewticular resides in the Redneck Riviera known as Panama City Beach, FL.  Though he lives on the beach, his hobbies do NOT include long walks on the beach while listening to Soft Rock and talking about his feelings.  If you want to earn some favor with Brewticular, purchase him a beer at his favorite local pub, Fishales Tap House.

Sherpa: The Brew Sirdar
Twitter:  @TheBrewSirdar
Favorite Style:  Double IPA

Like that of many craft beer aficionados, the Brew Sirdar’s taste in beer evolved from nonexistent to terrible to mainstream to craft to beer geekery, finally achieving an appreciation of quality beer of any style, producer, country of origin, and price point. Long having daydreamed about writing his own beer blog, he was finally galvanized to action when his friends started and is thrilled to be a part of such an enthusiastic team. The Brew Sirdar, after stints in the Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest, now resides in the heart of America’s Wine Country, where it happens to be astonishingly easy to find excellent beer. He has an awesome girlfriend (who owns a beer fridge) and a lazy cat he shares with one of his neighbors.

There is a mountain of good beer out there, and you’re going to need a Sherpa on your trek to the summit.


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