Fifty Fifty Beer Dinner at Kitchen Door

While the Brew Sherpa and Sherpette were traveling the globe in search of adventure and zymurgical enlightenment, the Brew Sirdar sought out some beery delights much closer to home. One so close, in fact, that he could have walked there. The outstanding Kitchen Door restaurant in Napa, in conjunction with Mutineer Magazine, has been hosting monthly craft beer … Continue reading Fifty Fifty Beer Dinner at Kitchen Door


Belgian Beercation – August 31, 2012

The day started with lunch at Café Leffe, Place du Grand Sablon, 46, a scenic café on rue de Rollebeek that would become a favorite of the Brew Sherpas.  The food was outstanding, exceptional even by world class standards, and with a Leffe Tripel, a great value for both the taste buds and the wallet. The … Continue reading Belgian Beercation – August 31, 2012

Belgian Beercation – August 29-30, 2012

Trip to the airport was seamless; we were finally headed to Brussels, Belgium, attending Belgian Beer Weekend Edition 14.  We celebrated arrival at Newark by opening one of TheBrewSherpa’s home-brewed black ales.  What a great way to start our beercation (or isn’t this a business trip for research purposes?).   Being early to the airport provided … Continue reading Belgian Beercation – August 29-30, 2012