Beer for Trade

We travel and, at times, pick up local beers for ourselves and friends and family.  At present, we have:


Trillium Artaic (750ml bottle)

Trillium DDH Melcher Street (750ml bottle)

Tree House Green (16 oz cans)

Tree House Lights On (16 oz cans)

Tree House Alter Ego (16 oz cans)

Bissell Bros. Swish (16 oz cans)

Bissell Bros. The Substance (16 oz cans)

Bissell Bros. Bucolia (16 oz cans)

Half Acre Daisy Cutter (16 oz cans)

Lawson’s Finest Sip of Sunshine (16 oz cans)

Tired Hands Alien Church (16 oz cans)

Tired Hands Hop Hands (16 oz cans)

Tired Hands Trendler (16 oz cans)

Tired Hands We Are All Infinite Energy Vibrating at the Same Frequency (16 oz cans)

Tired Hands Lychee Milkshake (16 oz cans)

Tired Hands Passion Fruit Milkshake (16 oz cans)

Carton Brewing Boat Beer (16 oz cans)

Carton Brewing 077xx (16 oz cans)

Topling Goliath Pseudo Sue (16 oz cans)

Other Half Galaxy (16 oz cans)

Firestone Walker 2014 Parabola (22 oz bottle) – would like to trade for 2015 Parabola

Grey Sail Captain’s Daughter (12 oz cans)

Grey Sail Pour Judgement (12 oz cans)

Newburyport Green Head (12 oz cans)

Evil Twin Molotov Lite (16 oz cans)

Stony Creek Big Cranky (16 oz cans)

Troegs Nugget Nectar (12 oz cans)

Please message us for trade suggestions.  We can be emailed at