Play By Play of a SWISH Can Release

The Sherpas have been to many (maybe even too many) can releases and have reached a higher level of consciousness that rarely has us waiting in lines for canned barley pops anymore.  But a metaphysical call from the causal plane emanating from the Bissell Brothers compelled us to experience the unseasonably warm and sunny February 21st weather to procure some Swish and The Substance to further our journey into transcending the physical universe and conceiving a subtle state of consciousness to exist in our own self-effulgent forms. With all due respect to Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami and the radiant bodies of centillions of quantum light particles, Swish pairs best with life and is good to pour into your head.

With all that esoteric cosmology think-speak out of the way, check out this play-by-play of the most efficient, pleasant, and genuinely enjoyable waiting-in-line-for-can-release the Sherpas have experienced in quite some time:

9:53 AM  We arrive at Thompson’s Point, park and join the back of the line for the day’s 11:00 AM Swish release.  We estimate slightly less than 100 people in front of us.20180221_095924

10:35 AM  The line is getting longer, we estimate that there are close to 200 people in line now.unnamed

10:55 AM  The line wraps around the building and Taproom Manager James Krams counts approximately 500 people in line minutes before opening.  He thanks us all for our patronage and informs the crowd at several points along the line that there will be 6 registers running and that they Bissell Brothers staff will do there best to get us in and out of there as quickly as possible.

11:00 AM  The doors open and the line immediately starts moving.  Again, we are about a 100 people back from the front person in line.

11:12 AM  We are just inside the front door of Bissell Brothers taproom and the sweet smell of mash fills the air.3

11:20 AM  We are back at our car, cans of Swish and The Substance procured, objective met, and on our way to a culinary experience at The Highroller Lobster Co. that will re-define our very existential being.  Seriously, read the blog post here and do yourself a favor and DO NOT MISS EATING AT THE HIGHROLLER LOBSTER COInsider Tip:  the taplist ROCKS!

12:20 PM  Content from the gastro-epiphany The Highroller Lobster Co delivered by way of the Lobster Roll with jalapeno mayo and the Lobster Cheese Crisp Taco, we are back at Bissell Brothers to enjoy fresh Swish on tap, along with a few other Bissell Brothers offerings.

A quick chat with James confirms that today was a success and that customer service is critical not only to James, but to Bissell Brothers itself.  Cheers, Bissell Brothers and thank you for treating us like valued customers!



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