Starfish Junction and A Hop Flavored Sugar Water Jubilee

The Opening Bash of 2018's NYC Craft Beer Week was, in the 2001 vernacular of Fred Durst, "the illest beer festival known to man."  Sure it had some weak tracks (issues) but overall, it was all killer.  Just like Limp Bizkit used the nu-metal sound as a way to spin testosterone fueled fantasies into snarky … Continue reading Starfish Junction and A Hop Flavored Sugar Water Jubilee


Black Betty and THE TRUTH that Comes Out of Her

Barbeque is good.  Great barbeque is righteous.  World Class barbeque is THE TRUTH.  "Black Betty" and her sister (the J & R Oyler Pits used to smoke meat) are used by  BT's Smokehouse owner Brian Treitman to crank out THE TRUTH on the regular. Our quest for World Class barbeque sent us trekking around the … Continue reading Black Betty and THE TRUTH that Comes Out of Her

Play By Play of a SWISH Can Release

The Sherpas have been to many (maybe even too many) can releases and have reached a higher level of consciousness that rarely has us waiting in lines for canned barley pops anymore.  But a metaphysical call from the causal plane emanating from the Bissell Brothers compelled us to experience the unseasonably warm and sunny February … Continue reading Play By Play of a SWISH Can Release

SpongeBeer GrowlerPants

This past weekend, The Brew Sherpette and I took another of our celebrated beer-expeditions, this time to check out a few more Connecticut and Rhode Island Breweries.  We put the word out to our friends and followers on Untappd asking for suggestions and received responses that ranged from the ridiculous (skip everything and just head … Continue reading SpongeBeer GrowlerPants

Tributary Brewing; A Love Story

So there we were in Kittery, Maine at Tributary Brewing, a full 350+ miles from home, expressly to evaluate the new beginnings of brewing legend Tod Mott. The brewery tasting room had a warm, cozy, almost like home feel, with the patrons sitting close and enjoying each other's company while sharing a pint of beer. … Continue reading Tributary Brewing; A Love Story

Enter The Scoville Unit (36 Chambers)

I'm not much of a chilihead. Sure, I like some jalepeños on my nachos, or a little Cholula in my ramen noodles, but hot wing challenges seem ridiculous and even torturous to me. So why am I sitting at a table with 4 chili beers, including what is generally regarded as the hottest beer on … Continue reading Enter The Scoville Unit (36 Chambers)

Hop Scotch

"The last time I turned down a beer, I didn't understand the question." (modification of a quote by a friend of John Hansell). I've only met a few beers that I didn't like.  I seem to prefer stouts and barley wines recently, but Belgian beers rarely disappoint and I would never shy away from a … Continue reading Hop Scotch

Belgian Beercation – August 31, 2012

The day started with lunch at Café Leffe, Place du Grand Sablon, 46, a scenic café on rue de Rollebeek that would become a favorite of the Brew Sherpas.  The food was outstanding, exceptional even by world class standards, and with a Leffe Tripel, a great value for both the taste buds and the wallet. The … Continue reading Belgian Beercation – August 31, 2012

Beer Review: The Duck-Rabbit Hoppy Bunny APA

As anyone who is familiar with The Brew Sherpas knows, we are big fans of the American Black Ale, ironically, if practically, known as the Black IPA or offensively known as the Cascadian Dark Ale.  Regardless of the nomenclature applied to the style, it will continue to be a favorite at the Brew Sherpa base … Continue reading Beer Review: The Duck-Rabbit Hoppy Bunny APA