Happy 7th Birthday Untappd – Drink Socially

In 2010, the craft beer scene in New York City was in its infancy.  The undercurrents were there for massive change, and one of the catalysts of change was developing a mobile beer app in the late hours after-work.  Greg Avola lived in New York City, and worked full-time in IT at ABC News.  Greg's … Continue reading Happy 7th Birthday Untappd – Drink Socially


SpongeBeer GrowlerPants

This past weekend, The Brew Sherpette and I took another of our celebrated beer-expeditions, this time to check out a few more Connecticut and Rhode Island Breweries.  We put the word out to our friends and followers on Untappd asking for suggestions and received responses that ranged from the ridiculous (skip everything and just head … Continue reading SpongeBeer GrowlerPants

Happy 2nd Birthday – Widow Jane Distillery

Bourbon?  Yes please?  Now that's a flip flop for me, having been weaned on Piels Light and Miller Light.  Over the past five years, however, with the explosion of the craft beer movement, coupled with fusions associated with beer and barrel-aging, the taste of bourbon has become more familiar.  So if I can enjoy bourbon barrel-aged … Continue reading Happy 2nd Birthday – Widow Jane Distillery