SpongeBeer GrowlerPants

This past weekend, The Brew Sherpette and I took another of our celebrated beer-expeditions, this time to check out a few more Connecticut and Rhode Island Breweries.  We put the word out to our friends and followers on Untappd asking for suggestions and received responses that ranged from the ridiculous (skip everything and just head … Continue reading SpongeBeer GrowlerPants


Hop Scotch

"The last time I turned down a beer, I didn't understand the question." (modification of a quote by a friend of John Hansell). I've only met a few beers that I didn't like.  I seem to prefer stouts and barley wines recently, but Belgian beers rarely disappoint and I would never shy away from a … Continue reading Hop Scotch

Victory for a cause

As Brewticular and Brew Sirdar sipped on their cold brews, a conversation arose that would lead to a path that some have questioned, but few have truly explored….  What is the most important ingredient in brewing? When most do their reviews of a brew, they talk about the IBU, SRM, hop variety, or malt, or … Continue reading Victory for a cause

Beer Review: Dubhe Imperial IPA from Uinta Brewing

Here at the Brew Sherpa lodge, we are big fans of the relatively new (and oxymoronically titled) Black IPA and Imperial Black IPA styles, and for our very first beer review, the Brew Sirdar is sampling Dubhe, an Imperial Black IPA from Uinta Brewing in Salt Lake City. This particular sample was a 12 ounce … Continue reading Beer Review: Dubhe Imperial IPA from Uinta Brewing