Happy 7th Birthday Untappd – Drink Socially

In 2010, the craft beer scene in New York City was in its infancy.  The undercurrents were there for massive change, and one of the catalysts of change was developing a mobile beer app in the late hours after-work.  Greg Avola lived in New York City, and worked full-time in IT at ABC News.  Greg's … Continue reading Happy 7th Birthday Untappd – Drink Socially


Full Sail @ Half Full Brewery & Soundwaters Rare Beer Cruise

What's better than beer and boats?  A beautiful summer eve upon the Soundwaters 80' schooner with the good folks from Half Full Brewery and the Long Island Sound does it for us... Great beer and fair winds set us up for a perfect night.  It's funny though, when asked by one of the owners of Half Full … Continue reading Full Sail @ Half Full Brewery & Soundwaters Rare Beer Cruise

Defiant Brewing Co. – Pearl River, NY

This is our first live blog, meaning we are relaying our experience "on the ground" without editing.  Therefore, it may appear a bit choppy, since we are adding thoughts throughout the visit. First stop on motorcycle ride to Half Full Brewing's 2016 Soundwaters Rare Beer (Boat Edition).... Defiant Brewing opened at 2:00 pm (thank you … Continue reading Defiant Brewing Co. – Pearl River, NY

Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference 2016 meets Pokemon Go

BBC16 (Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference 2016) just wrapped up another fantastic session on July 10, 2016.  Thank you to Zephyr and all of the sponsors, breweries, and speakers that participated.  Filled with strong content, networking and a beautifully revived Tampa riverfront, we had the opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones throughout … Continue reading Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference 2016 meets Pokemon Go

SpongeBeer GrowlerPants

This past weekend, The Brew Sherpette and I took another of our celebrated beer-expeditions, this time to check out a few more Connecticut and Rhode Island Breweries.  We put the word out to our friends and followers on Untappd asking for suggestions and received responses that ranged from the ridiculous (skip everything and just head … Continue reading SpongeBeer GrowlerPants

The Maine Event

800 Miles and a Mule.   Whose mule?  Well, neither really, just a fantastic road trip in the Northeast to one of the freshest, most concentrated beer scenes in the country ATM. The roadtrip from NJ to ME is ripe with interesting beercation detours and landscapes.  Although we missed some great stops, we made the most … Continue reading The Maine Event

The Jeffrey – NYC

Visit The Jeffrey NYC for a back-to-basics experience for beer lovers in the afternoon and evening.  This venue, located under the Queensboro Bridge at 311 East 60th Street in Manhattan, appears very basic, like an old neighborhood haunt.  Combining two storefronts, this unassuming location and appearance is incredibly impressive from its tap list. It was great … Continue reading The Jeffrey – NYC

The Brew Sherpa Mugs for Sale

You asked for it!  And we've got it!  Finally, The Brew Sherpa merchandise is available for sale. We start The Brew Sherpa collection with a 20 ounce dimpled beer tankard, just like those available in Europe, perfect for drinking session ales, pilsners and lagers. These mugs are available at a cost of $15.00/each!  Combined shipping … Continue reading The Brew Sherpa Mugs for Sale

Other Half Brewing – Brooklyn, NYC

Worth the effort to find this tiny brewery in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn, NYC! We made the mistake of driving.  Being a born and raised New Yorker, I decided not only to drive from a luncheon at the Union League Club, but to override the GPS and not go thru the Battery Tunnel … Continue reading Other Half Brewing – Brooklyn, NYC

“What for?” DuClaw Retribution!

                    This post was delayed due to "life" happening...It was written a year ago, but is as relevant today as it was then 🙂 Retribution!  If that is punishment, I want me some.  The 2014 bottle release of this bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout was held at … Continue reading “What for?” DuClaw Retribution!