Defiant Brewing Co. – Pearl River, NY

This is our first live blog, meaning we are relaying our experience “on the ground” without editing.  Therefore, it may appear a bit choppy, since we are adding thoughts throughout the visit.

First stop on motorcycle ride to Half Full Brewing’s 2016 Soundwaters Rare Beer (Boat Edition)….

Defiant Brewing opened at 2:00 pm (thank you for serving us a bit early)!  Right AT the Pearl River, NY train station, IPA. DIPA, saison and pils were tasted.  Solid additions to the local beer options in a very convenient location.


We were too early for the foods, but will be back to try…never mind, food is available!  Ugh, we ordered the beer brats, and were later informed (after a short wait) that they didn’t have any brats today.

We asked what their Twitter and/or Instagram accounts were and 2 employees said “I don’t know”….

As good as the beer is, it seems as if there is some heart missing in this operation today.



Ate the brisket cheesesteak tacos.  Other than we were hungry, I wouldn’t recommend them. Cheese tastes like velvetta. Brisket was good but needed salt and a bit of spice.  Tortillas were soggy, “raw” and seemed straight out of a grocery store wrapper.

So in conclusion,  great location, nice space, good beer, lack of heart in service and meh tacos.  BBQ seems to be their specialty, and might be a better option.

As we were checking out, the bartender said they hadn’t rung up the beers and asked what we drank. … The bartender adjusted the bill (upwards) to charge us properly for our suds.  Cash only at this venue.





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