Full Sail @ Half Full Brewery & Soundwaters Rare Beer Cruise

What’s better than beer and boats?  A beautiful summer eve upon the Soundwaters 80′ schooner with the good folks from Half Full Brewery and the Long Island Sound does it for us…

Great beer and fair winds set us up for a perfect night.  It’s funny though, when asked by one of the owners of Half Full Brewery how we found out about this fantastic, sold-out event, we could only answer “idk”.  Clearly, the event was attended by dedicated friends and lovers of Half Full.

Warming up with Onward APA at the Boccuzzi Park docks, Jackworth Smith, Manager, Tasting Room & Special Events, hinted about the rare beers to be served aboard.  Starting with Gose with the Flow, an excellent 5% gose, we moved onto their pumpkin beer, and finally to a fruity tangerine gose.  Great cheese and charcuterie from Fairway markets topped off the night.

The Sherpas highly recommend any event sponsored by Half Full, and clearly appreciated the environmentally conscious focus of this event which benefitted the protection of the Long Island Sound.  The beers were excellent!

Oh, and we were lucky to catch our first Pikachus in the park prior to the event, to the dismay of some who had not yet caught their first Pika.



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