Full Sail @ Half Full Brewery & Soundwaters Rare Beer Cruise

What's better than beer and boats?  A beautiful summer eve upon the Soundwaters 80' schooner with the good folks from Half Full Brewery and the Long Island Sound does it for us... Great beer and fair winds set us up for a perfect night.  It's funny though, when asked by one of the owners of Half Full … Continue reading Full Sail @ Half Full Brewery & Soundwaters Rare Beer Cruise


Tributary Brewing; A Love Story

So there we were in Kittery, Maine at Tributary Brewing, a full 350+ miles from home, expressly to evaluate the new beginnings of brewing legend Tod Mott. The brewery tasting room had a warm, cozy, almost like home feel, with the patrons sitting close and enjoying each other's company while sharing a pint of beer. … Continue reading Tributary Brewing; A Love Story

#Couchtrippin NYC

September 28, 2014 was a night to remember - although with all of the Lagunitas cerveza fria flowing freely, there was a basis in which remembering could be compromised ;).  The Lagunitas "Couchtrippin' to New Orleans...2014 Tour (http://lagunitas.com/couchtrippin/#) was on its way around the U.S..  What could be more enticing than one of our favorite … Continue reading #Couchtrippin NYC

Kane You Brew It?

Ocean, New Jersey, we like it there.  Summer memories of the Jersey Shore, fishing, music, friends, and....suds.  (credit photo to Kane Brewing Company) Yesterday afternoon, the American Homebrewers Association (http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/), in collaboration with Kane Brewing Company (http://www.kanebrewing.com/), held a rally at Kane Brewing Company's headquarters.  As a perk, Michael Kane gave away 5 gallons of wort … Continue reading Kane You Brew It?

Happy 2nd Birthday – Widow Jane Distillery

Bourbon?  Yes please?  Now that's a flip flop for me, having been weaned on Piels Light and Miller Light.  Over the past five years, however, with the explosion of the craft beer movement, coupled with fusions associated with beer and barrel-aging, the taste of bourbon has become more familiar.  So if I can enjoy bourbon barrel-aged … Continue reading Happy 2nd Birthday – Widow Jane Distillery

Fifty Fifty Beer Dinner at Kitchen Door

While the Brew Sherpa and Sherpette were traveling the globe in search of adventure and zymurgical enlightenment, the Brew Sirdar sought out some beery delights much closer to home. One so close, in fact, that he could have walked there. The outstanding Kitchen Door restaurant in Napa, in conjunction with Mutineer Magazine, has been hosting monthly craft beer … Continue reading Fifty Fifty Beer Dinner at Kitchen Door