Round Two – Beer & Cheese Pairing for the Holidays – 2017

If we call it tradition, then it shall be so!  2017 Second Annual Christmas Eve Beer and Cheese Pairing might have surpassed 2016 ( This is likely the case for several reasons:  anticipation; experience; better understanding of all parties involved in the "event" as to the parameters are for judging (pretty much everyone is right). … Continue reading Round Two – Beer & Cheese Pairing for the Holidays – 2017


Happy 7th Birthday Untappd – Drink Socially

In 2010, the craft beer scene in New York City was in its infancy.  The undercurrents were there for massive change, and one of the catalysts of change was developing a mobile beer app in the late hours after-work.  Greg Avola lived in New York City, and worked full-time in IT at ABC News.  Greg's … Continue reading Happy 7th Birthday Untappd – Drink Socially

Full Sail @ Half Full Brewery & Soundwaters Rare Beer Cruise

What's better than beer and boats?  A beautiful summer eve upon the Soundwaters 80' schooner with the good folks from Half Full Brewery and the Long Island Sound does it for us... Great beer and fair winds set us up for a perfect night.  It's funny though, when asked by one of the owners of Half Full … Continue reading Full Sail @ Half Full Brewery & Soundwaters Rare Beer Cruise

Tributary Brewing; A Love Story

So there we were in Kittery, Maine at Tributary Brewing, a full 350+ miles from home, expressly to evaluate the new beginnings of brewing legend Tod Mott. The brewery tasting room had a warm, cozy, almost like home feel, with the patrons sitting close and enjoying each other's company while sharing a pint of beer. … Continue reading Tributary Brewing; A Love Story

Portsmouth Beer Week – Beer & Cheese Tasting at Earth Eagle Brewings

Heading toward Maine...once again...affords some wonderful, educational, savory, social experiences.  Our friends at 2beerguys welcomed us as old friends if we hung out just yesterday.  Amber recommended that we attend this event at Earth Eagle Brewings in downtown Portsmouth.  She was right on! Being beer and cheese lovers, this was a perfect Sunday stopover.  Hosted by Ruth Miller, … Continue reading Portsmouth Beer Week – Beer & Cheese Tasting at Earth Eagle Brewings

Other Half Brewing – Brooklyn, NYC

Worth the effort to find this tiny brewery in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn, NYC! We made the mistake of driving.  Being a born and raised New Yorker, I decided not only to drive from a luncheon at the Union League Club, but to override the GPS and not go thru the Battery Tunnel … Continue reading Other Half Brewing – Brooklyn, NYC

Enter The Scoville Unit (36 Chambers)

I'm not much of a chilihead. Sure, I like some jalepeños on my nachos, or a little Cholula in my ramen noodles, but hot wing challenges seem ridiculous and even torturous to me. So why am I sitting at a table with 4 chili beers, including what is generally regarded as the hottest beer on … Continue reading Enter The Scoville Unit (36 Chambers)

#Couchtrippin NYC

September 28, 2014 was a night to remember - although with all of the Lagunitas cerveza fria flowing freely, there was a basis in which remembering could be compromised ;).  The Lagunitas "Couchtrippin' to New Orleans...2014 Tour ( was on its way around the U.S..  What could be more enticing than one of our favorite … Continue reading #Couchtrippin NYC

Kane You Brew It?

Ocean, New Jersey, we like it there.  Summer memories of the Jersey Shore, fishing, music, friends, and....suds.  (credit photo to Kane Brewing Company) Yesterday afternoon, the American Homebrewers Association (, in collaboration with Kane Brewing Company (, held a rally at Kane Brewing Company's headquarters.  As a perk, Michael Kane gave away 5 gallons of wort … Continue reading Kane You Brew It?

Return to the Scene of the Crime

For those of you familiar with This American Life (the weekly podcast), Ira Glass said: “I was talking to some homicide detectives in Chicago. And they told me that, contrary to what you might have heard, most criminals do not actually return to the scene of the crime. Arsonists do. They like to watch the … Continue reading Return to the Scene of the Crime