Return to the Scene of the Crime


For those of you familiar with This American Life (the weekly podcast), Ira Glass said: “I was talking to some homicide detectives in Chicago. And they told me that, contrary to what you might have heard, most criminals do not actually return to the scene of the crime. Arsonists do. They like to watch the flames. Serial killers sometimes do, but they’re crazy. Other kinds of criminals aren’t really known for going back to the place where the crimes happened. Like thieves, for example. If you want to see thieves returning to the scene of the crime, you pretty much have to go to Florida. Beautiful, sunny, Florida.”

Well, TheBrewsherpa and I (TheBrewSherpette), did just that…we returned to the scene of the crime.  In our case, it was not arson, but rather overindulgence, and it was not Florida, but rather Waitsfield, Vermont.  It was another suds ‘n la comida Mexicana breakfast, worth the drive from New Jersey this weekend.

photo_3 (2)photo

It was, of course, The Mad Taco (  Just one year after our first trip to this hole- in-the-wall, we could wait no longer (  Dreaming of our last trip wasn’t enough.  And although it was only 11:00am, and we had already eaten cottage cheese-stuffed French toast at Grunberg Haus Vermont Bed and Breakfast Inn and Cabins in Waterbury, Vermont (

What better après le petit déjeuner than another wet taco or pork tostada, served with a side of Heady Topper.   The cooks, Miguel Villa, his twin brother Simon Villa, and Chris Carter, were on deck to deliver the taste and ambiance that only The Mad Taco can do so well.  With the cold-smoked pork, fresh cilantro and excellent music, we sat down to polish off our meals.  $6.00 cans of Heady Topper were readily available, as were a host of other local beers on tap or in bottles.  The list of beers on tap switches up frequently, so don’t be surprised if Hill Farmstead or Lawson’s Finest are available on tap.

photo_1 (1)photo_2 (1)photo_4photo_3 (1)

This is a do not miss experience if you love smoked meats, great food, nice people and fantastic Vermont beers.

We were on our way to a truck sale sponsored by The Alchemist in Waterbury, and had to pack up and head over to our next stop.

Best wishes to Miguel on his return to Utah…we send our best wishes for a great school year!


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