#Couchtrippin NYC

September 28, 2014 was a night to remember – although with all of the Lagunitas cerveza fria flowing freely, there was a basis in which remembering could be compromised ;).  The Lagunitas “Couchtrippin’ to New Orleans…2014 Tour (http://lagunitas.com/couchtrippin/#) was on its way around the U.S..  What could be more enticing than one of our favorite breweries visiting our favorite city (yes….we are NYC homers), offering free beer, free music, and circus?!


(credit photo above to Lagunitas Brewing Co.)

The line outside Le Poisson Rouge (http://lepoissonrouge.com/) on Bleeker Street wrapped around the corner down Thompson Street.  Lagunitas, in true “Beer Circus” style (http://lagunitas.com/beercircus/) entertained us even before the event started.


Upon entry to the venue, we met with a couch, and took a wild ride down jungle rapids, followed by meeting up with some sweet taps, huge pours, and festive circus entertainment, including an agile pole dancer and other Coney Island-style carnies.


Lagunitas offered A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, IPA, and Couchtrippin’ Fusion freely in 16+ ounce pours.  Following consumption (o.O) of an unspecified number of beers, Saint Rich took the stage.  Saint Rich (http://www.saintrich.com/), a local area band from Sussex County, New Jersey, had attracted a loyal group of followers and did an excellent job of warming up for the “main act”.  We had seen Man Man (http://manmanbandband.com/) on New Years Eve at Terminal Five with Gogol Bordello.  Man Man did an excellent job of carrying the event as the main act, finishing their show with Engrish Bwudd as the encore (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KW3TMvq-nc8).

A few years ago, the BrewSherpa attended the crazy, freaky, creepy Lagunitas Beer Circus in Petaluma, CA, and then the BrewSherpa and Brewsherpette visited Lagunitas in Petaluma, meeting Ryan as our tour guide.  We were lucky to meet Ryan again on the streets of NYC and thank him for getting us set up for this event.

Also, thank you to Lagunitas Brewing Company for doing what they do best…great beer and great entertainment!


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