Lagunitas Couchtrippin’ Boston 2016

Lagunitas and the Sherpas…perfect together!  Our love affair for all things Lagunitas started in Petaluma in 2012.  First the Beer Circus, then the tasting room and tour, set the stage.  Not only is the beer first class, their approach to marketing is unique.  Stories abound regarding the naming of some of their beers, 420 lore, and just general pushing the edges of the envelope.

Lucky for us, the 2014 Couchtrippin’ was in NYC, and did not disappoint.  How can free music, all you can drink free Lagunitas beer, tee shirts and fun people be anything other than a great time.

On the way to Maine, we were able to attend this year’s Boston Couchtrippin’ at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville, Massachusetts.  First off, it is a beautiful venue.  The rock climbing gym is beautiful with state-of-the-art walls and lighting.  Add a dose of BADBADNOTGOOD, and it’s rockin’ out.  Did I say anything about great free beer?  Lagunitas knows how to throw a party, and with taps-a-plenty, they had Pils, Citrusinensis Pale Ale, New Dogtown Pale, and IPA flowing.

BADBADNOTGOOD got the crowd moshing to their fusion style jazz.  These guys are young and incredibly talented musicians.

The opening band, Kyle Thornton & The Company, a local Boston soul-hop group, got the energy going with a bluesy style of music.  Check them out on soundcloud or youtube!  Oh…check out the brewsherpette…front row…black/white striped shirt 🙂


The line for this event was packed.  Capacity was 700, and in spite of RSVP’s, entry was not guaranteed.  Not sure if all were admitted.

Oh…not sure how public this is yet, but Lagunitas is working on a 2016 Beer Circus in NYC!  They have staged this Circus in Petaluma for the past 7 years or so, added Chicago, and are  (hopefully) finally making it to the BIGGEST APPLE OF THEM ALL this summer!

From what we see, capital investment at the top level has not changed the culture of Lagunitas in terms of their beer, their style and their unique vision!



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