Tributary Brewing; A Love Story

So there we were in Kittery, Maine at Tributary Brewing, a full 350+ miles from home, expressly to evaluate the new beginnings of brewing legend Tod Mott.

tod-mott The brewery tasting room had a warm, cozy, almost like home feel, with the patrons sitting close and enjoying each other’s company while sharing a pint of beer. Make no mistake, the star here is the company of friends, with fantastic beer as the Best Supporting Actor. Further augmenting the ambiance was a collection of seemingly life-long friends gathering together in a corner, each with acoustic instruments ranging form banjo to fiddle to accordion.IMG_2327 Before even the first beer is poured for us, I am already beginning to realize that I came for beer, but was instead being given an experience. A warm and deeply personal experience.

In unison, our samples arrived and the musicians in the corner transformed the tasting room into a palpable hospitality akin to a family reunion. As I raised a glass of Witt 2 to toast The BrewSherpette, my eager anticipation to try the beer faded into a profound appreciation for the beautiful woman I am toasting. I’ve looked at that face an million times, but here, in Kittery, Maine, it was if I was seeing it again for the first time; my heart raced, adrenaline surged and I feel deeper in love. The countless tributaries of life networked to lead both of us to this moment — this moment of a tangible covenant of completeness. I thought we drove 350 miles to try Tod’s beer, but as it turns out, we made a pilgrimage to the center of one another’s souls and when we got there, Mr. Mott served us some extraordinary beer.

IMG_2330I could tell you about the magnificent Tributary beers we savored; the Mocha Milk Stout, the Winter Saison or the unforgettable Pale Ale, but I would be doing you a huge disservice. Instead, I urge you to find a special someone with whom you wish to connect on a deeper level and journey to Tributary Brewing Company; use the journey, regardless of how long or short that journey is, to open your heart, mind and soul to the possibility that great beer goes much better with love and companionship than ballgames and/or pizza. Where will this Tributary lead you?



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