Round Two – Beer & Cheese Pairing for the Holidays – 2017

If we call it tradition, then it shall be so!  2017 Second Annual Christmas Eve Beer and Cheese Pairing might have surpassed 2016 ( This is likely the case for several reasons:  anticipation; experience; better understanding of all parties involved in the "event" as to the parameters are for judging (pretty much everyone is right). … Continue reading Round Two – Beer & Cheese Pairing for the Holidays – 2017


High Gravity Beer & Blue Cheese Pairings

In spite of the varied sentiments about 2016, the Sherpas were determined to end it on a positive note.  What could be better than friends, family, lights, camera and action? We asked Scott how he felt about having a pairing with a Stilton blue and a bourbon barrel aged beer before holiday festivities.  His answer was … Continue reading High Gravity Beer & Blue Cheese Pairings

Field of Dreams

If you build it, (they) will come.  There is no greater proof of this message than in the fields of Greensboro, Vermont.  Nearly one mile up a dirt road, sits an old farmhouse and a nondescript barn.  Lush green fields surround the area, and the grass sways pensively in light breeze on this hot June … Continue reading Field of Dreams