Kane You Brew It?

Ocean, New Jersey, we like it there.  Summer memories of the Jersey Shore, fishing, music, friends, and....suds.  (credit photo to Kane Brewing Company) Yesterday afternoon, the American Homebrewers Association (http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/), in collaboration with Kane Brewing Company (http://www.kanebrewing.com/), held a rally at Kane Brewing Company's headquarters.  As a perk, Michael Kane gave away 5 gallons of wort … Continue reading Kane You Brew It?


Victory for a cause

As Brewticular and Brew Sirdar sipped on their cold brews, a conversation arose that would lead to a path that some have questioned, but few have truly explored….  What is the most important ingredient in brewing? When most do their reviews of a brew, they talk about the IBU, SRM, hop variety, or malt, or … Continue reading Victory for a cause

Hops out in the Northeast – More Beer Here

“I look forward to meeting you on Saturday”, I said to Steve Miller.  A nearly 400 mile roundtrip from Eastern Pennsylvania to Springport, New York, would be well worth the time to meet Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension hops specialist.  Not only is Steve deeply committed to reviving the farming production of hops in the Northeast, he also had … Continue reading Hops out in the Northeast – More Beer Here

Fear and Loathing at Schlafly Bottleworks

Several years ago, around 2005ish, Brewticular and The Brew Sherpa were contracted by a law firm to drive up to St. Louis, MO to pick up a pair of scooters that were involved in an accident and transport them back to the Florida panhandle.  Our secondary objective was to ‘wine and dine’ The Engineer (names … Continue reading Fear and Loathing at Schlafly Bottleworks