Sir, yes, Sir! Brisket Boot Camp

Dry brisket.  Could be the bane of every BBQ enthusiast's experience.  The final result, after paying up for the best quality brisket, committing to the "low and slow", and gently tending to the biggest challenge in BBQ/smoking, was consistently dry and tough. We have tried various equipment at different price points, and finally invested in … Continue reading Sir, yes, Sir! Brisket Boot Camp


Mo’ Pizza, Boy

What do pizza and beer have in common?  Well, the answer(s) probably center around taste, but did you ever think that pizza and beer just pair well together? The Sherpas heard so much about Pizza Boy Brewing Co., in Enola, Pennsylvania, that we ventured out one snowy March day to explore.  The folks on the … Continue reading Mo’ Pizza, Boy

Hops out in the Northeast – More Beer Here

“I look forward to meeting you on Saturday”, I said to Steve Miller.  A nearly 400 mile roundtrip from Eastern Pennsylvania to Springport, New York, would be well worth the time to meet Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension hops specialist.  Not only is Steve deeply committed to reviving the farming production of hops in the Northeast, he also had … Continue reading Hops out in the Northeast – More Beer Here