Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern in Knoxville, TN

While adventuring through Knoxville, TN (the Ugly Orange Village) in July, Brewticular was surprised to find a High Gravity bar.  Downtown Knoxville has done a decent job of sprucing up the area and bringing in some nice businesses, and Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern fits in perfectly.

 Upon entering Brewticular was looking down a long narrow room with tables on both sides, followed by a bar along the back right wall.  This seemed like a sketchy set up, but with few other choices, Brewticular and his friends ventured forth into the bar to find a great selection of rotating taps and a night of debauchery anxiously waiting (this article will not discuss said debauchery).

 Throughout the night, Brewticular enjoyed beers from breweries hard to find in his hometown of PCB, including Green Flash, Moylan’s, and Saw Works.  Unfortunately most of Brewticular’s friends wimped out by only drinking Boulder’s Hazed & Infused that night.  Now Hazed & Infused is a long time favorite of Brewticular, but High Gravity means it’s time to get to work, not tip toe around the good stuff.

 Now for the only downfall of the night…  As the night wore on, and the clock was striking… (let’s be honest, it was late and I don’t remember) Brewticular found the need for some food.  During the day, there is a vast selection of food to find all around, but this late at night, the only things Suttree’s could offer were Italian Sausages, and Brewticular is NOT one to put a hot sausage in his mouth.  Hopefully upon return, Brewticular will be able to find some wings to wash down with his Imperial IPA.

 Next time you are cursed with being stuck in Knoxville, spare yourself the dismay of watching the local football team and go to Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern instead.  You’ll find yourself immersed in a quality atmosphere with a number of great beer choices spanning across the country.


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