Beer Review: Mischief from The Bruery

The Brew Sirdar is fortunate to have access to a tremendous beer selection at the local Whole Foods, and in the absence of any plan for a systematic survey and block of reviews, I am going to occasionally pick what looks like an interesting beer to sample and critique for your reading and drinking pleasure.

The Bruery is a young Placentia, CA, brewery (established 2008) which has earned considerable recognition in the craft beer world for its work in experimental Belgian-style beers. Being both a hophead and a fan of Belgian Goldens, The Brew Sirdar chose The Bruery’s Mischief for this review.

Mischief is labeled as a “hoppy Belgian golden,” an increasingly encountered variant on an archetypal style. It comes in at 8.5% alcohol by volume, 35 IBU’s, and an SRM of 5. The beer was from a 750 ml bottle, served in a Spiegelau beer tasting glass at 45° F. It pours an appealing gold, with a huge, rocky head with serious staying power. The hops give the beer a mild lemon aroma. The taste is very mild fruitiness up front, with a clean and crisp finish of subdued bitterness with hints of lemon zest and pepper. Mischief is appropriately very highly carbonated with a moderately full-bodied mouthfeel.

Mischief is drier than many Belgian golden ales, almost like a dry Saison, and the hops contribute intriguing citric elements while remaining in a supporting role. The overall impressions are those of delicacy, balance, and precision. This is an excellent and eminently drinkable beer and would be very versatile as a food partner. Highly recommended.

The Brew Sirdar rating (out of 100): 93

Recommended glassware: goblet, pinot glass, tulip

Recommended food pairing: soft cheese


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