Belgian Beer Weekend Edition 14 … Here we come!

TheBrewSherpa and TheBrewSherpette are readying themselves for a trip to Newark International Airport heading for Belgium this afternoon.  We will be attending the Belgian Beer Weekend ( in Brussels, and planning to bike around the countryside sipping various beers.  Stay tuned as we enter the beer capital of the world, and attempt to taste as many of the brews as possible, while balancing on 1 or 2 feet, or 2-4 wheels!

Check out the way this event is described:

“Many small-, medium-sized and large Belgian breweries participate to present you their best selections of beers. Belgium offers you a unique range of beers having the most contrasting tastes and flavours. Nowhere else in the world you can find a larger choice of regional, authentic and colourful beers.

51 breweries welcome you on the Grand’Place during the 14th Belgian Beer Weekend. They present their finest selection of fluid golds. The choice is endless, you can (re) discover over more than 350 different Belgian beers. But there’s more: this year the Grand’ Place shares the spotlights with 2 new venues: one at the back of the Stock Exchange and one in the Stock Exchange itself.

The heart of the financial affairs, the Brussels Wall Street, has gone through a big transformation especially for the beerfestival. During the weekend this venue at the back of the Stock Exchange will be renamed into “Beer Street”, a 50 m bar with a wide range of Belgian specialty beers on draft.”

We cannot wait to get started!


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