New York City Craft Beer, BBQ and Sports Bar Scene – From a Letter to a Friend

The Sherpas were asked to provide suggestions to a friend who was recently visiting NYC.  He and his wife were interested in fun things to do in NYC for a beer aficionado.  Below is a copy of our letter and his response, including a recommendation of his own!


Dear Vasily,

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you on this.  At any rate, here are our suggestions for beer in NYC.  We’ve listed out every bar we can think of and their website for you to check out.   The list isn’t complete, and we’ve probably left something out, but it’ll give you a good idea.  We’ve ranked them below the list, but understand that this list makes no consideration for travel time/cost.  Getting around in NYC can be a real pain in the $%# and/or expensive.  Subways and/or buses are the most economical and, at times, can be the fastest, so check out the public transportation options before driving/parking or taking a taxi.

Think about BBQ, concerts, live sports events and sports bars too, as an added and worthwhile adventure!






Live Concerts:

We would be remiss if we didn’t suggest downloading the app “BandsInTown” ( and checking out the goings on of the week.  After all, it’s NYC and every night is a great night for a concert….

Live Events:

The Knicks, Nets, Jets, Giants and/or Rangers might be in town also….check out Madison Square Garden schedules ( and MetLife Stadium (

College Sports Bar Takeovers:

Another very cool thing to do is to visit your college football bar.  There are NCAA bar takeovers for ball games for most of the major colleges, and its a great way to watch a ball game while in NYC.  Rather than attempt to relist college bars and sports events, there is an excellent site/app which allows active and current searching.  Check out Sportchaser for their listings, at  By the way, since you are an Auburn homer, Auburn University in NYC:

 Manhattan – BBQ:
  1. Daisy Mae’s  (
  2. Dinosaur BBQ  (
  3. Hill Country BBQ Market (
  4. Mighty Quinn’s ( 
  5. Shilla ( – Korean BBQ
  6. Blue Smoke (

Manhattan – Beer:

  1. The Ginger Man (
  2. Amsterdam Ale House (
  3. Dead Poet (
  4. Rattle N Hum (
  5. Legends (
  6. Valhalla (
  7. Blind Tiger (
  8. Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor (
  9. Blind Pig (
  10. BXL (
  11. The Pony Bar (
  12. Good Beer (
  13. Alphabet City Beer Co. (
  14. Barcade (
  15. McSorley’s (
  16. Fraunces Tavern (

Brooklyn – Beer:

  1. Brooklyn Ice House (
  2. TØrst (
  3. Spuyten Duyvil (
  4. Barcade (

Queens – Beer:

New Jersey – Beer:

  1. Barcade (
  2. Iron Monkey (
  3. Copper Mine (

Current favorites, in order, are:

  1. Valhalla;  the atmosphere and beer selection ROCKS.
  2. Blind Tiger;  AWESOME beer selection, awesome cheese plates and walking distance to #3 Arts & Crafts.
  3. Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor;  new, small and hard to find, but well worth it!  Try the Swedish Meat Balls… or the hummus plate…
  4. Tørst;  unique and cool, a little too hipster for me and very much an Evil Twin Fanboi bar.
  5. Iron Monkey;  probably too far for you to trek, but damn, the selection and atmosphere is great.
  6. BXL;  *&^%^& AWESOME BELGIAN BEER SELECTION!  The Gulden Draak 9000 ( on tap will rock your socks off
  7. Good Beer;  in the village, and the best bottle shop we’ve found.  A long walk from Blind Tiger and Arts & Crafts, but doable.  Also near ABC Brewing….
  8. The Pony Bar;  Upper East Side one always has a great selection
  9. Amsterdam Ale House;  I don’t think I’ve EVER come into the city and NOT started or ended here.
  10. The Ginger Man;  worth checking out as the couches and beer selection is very cool.

Fraunces Tavern is in the financial district where you are staying, so you probably should check out this historic place (  We’ve personally never been, but as a history buff, it’s a must see…..McSorleys Ole Ale House ( is the oldest saloon in NYC.  Beer is average, but the nostalgia and history make up for this.  PS When you order a beer, you get TWO mugs, can’t just get one.  Spuyten Duyvil has a decent beer list, but better take out a 2nd mortgage to afford to drink there.

We hope you enjoy your trip to NYC, and hope to catch up with you before you return home!

The Sherpas

Dear Sherpas,

Thanks again for the list.  We had a blast!  Went to Valhalla and Blind Pig both were excellent.  Valhalla was pretty crowded, especially after the Marathon.  We lucked out and found a small table in the corner.  Had a blast, really good selection.  We also enjoyed Blind Pig, sat down there for a few before we went to dinner.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to go to too many bars.  I did go to Fraunces Tavern over by my hotel and if you’re ever down that way they have a really good selection of draughts.  Katia ended up not feeling good for a night or two so it limited our time.  We did go into Brooklyn for Spuyten Duyvil and Torst.  I have to say that SD was my favorite place to go.  Made me wish I lived in Brooklyn so I could go there every day.  Loved that place.  Torst was exactly what I thought it would be.  It was nice, but the music was so loud we couldn’t hear each other talk.  It was pretty hipster, but good lord they had some great beers on draught and in the bottle.

If you love cured meats I do suggest hitting up Sergimmo Salumeria in Manhattan., best damn sandwich I ever put in my mouth.  I ended up eating there for 3 days in a row.  I had 5 of their sandwiches….

Anyway thanks again for the tips, they really came in handy!




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