Belgian Beercation – September 1, 2012

So yes, it is now almost two months since we returned from Belgium…the memories are as fresh as ever.  Belgian beers, especially the big ones, even at room temperature, have become the favorites of TheBrewSherpa and TheBrewSherpette.

Going through photo histories reminded us that we never finished our blogs about the Belgium trip.  So in the interest of catching up, finally, we post a few more pictures and memories about the best beer trip anyone could ever dream of….


Two of the best breweries that Belgium has to offer.  Neither will ever disappoint!

The BrewSherpa (sunglasses) and The BrewSherpette (Lagunitas blue shirt) with their new friends who were formerly from New York!  We enjoyed a coconut beer in a coconut shell.  These former New Yorkers now live in Belgium and Germany.

One of the best bottle shoppes in the world.  We bought some Westy XII here, along with the most amazing beer glasses ever, the Tempelier flutes!  They do mail order around the world, in case you can’t find the Belgian beer you seek in your home town.

The Grand Place, beautiful and majestic, after the beer fest tents had been removed.  What an amazing place for a beer festival!


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